The Journey Begins

About this blog

Hi, this is my first attempt at creating a blog so please bear with me as I fumble around.  The reason I started this blog is for me to document for myself what I’ve been doing, mistakes I’ve made and what worked out well so hopefully in the future I do repeat them.  Mainly though, so I can remember what I did that worked.

I don’t expect anyone out there to read this blog. Most blogs are not read these days.  I know that I myself am guilty of this.  I will occasionally look at others but to be honest, everyone is so busy that it is quicker to make comments on an Instagram/Facebook post that it is to read through someone’s blog. So if you are reading this… good on you! And thanks for taking time to do so.

“I craft, therefore I hoard….”

About me…

I am Julie B, from New Zealand. I’m not all that exciting.  My life mainly consists of work, family, seido karate and card making when I can find the time.

I live in Wellington, the capital city of New Zealand.  NZ is a pretty amazing place so if you get a chance, I’d recommend stopping by to visit our fantastic country.  Just don’t expect it to be picture postcard perfect.  Like all countries we have wonderful places, people and activities but we also have those that ruin it for all.

Civic Square, Wellington New Zealand

I can also be found on Instagram (if you are interested)